Teaching English in Spain

For seven days in October we talked and talked and talked. 84 hours of contact time. One to one, two to two, small group activities, telephone calls one to one, conference calls one to three, whole group meetings, lunch time conversations Anglo-Spaniard, with wine, dinner time conversations Anglo-Spaniard, with wine, liquid English in the evenings.

The Last Lingua Franca

The Last Lingua Franca; English Until the Return of Babel Nicholas Ostler; Walker; 2010 Summary by Graham Mulligan Lingua Franca was the common contact language of the eastern Mediterranean in which Greeks and Turks could talk to Frenchmen and Italians. In 1204 Constantinople fell to the Franks who were from Venice. Many now regard English as a lingua franca spread by Anglo-American colonialism and economic interests. Indeed it is the