Mandarin flashcards

I just added another deck of flashcards to Anki so it is nearly complete from lesson 11 to 27. You need to download the Anki program to your computer first. You will find it here. Once you have it installed you can open the program and go to the file menu and select Download (and Shared Deck from the drop-down menu). Type in ‘Langara’ and you should see the files.


I have created a set of flashcards for studying the mandarin vocabulary for each lesson in the Langara College program ‘Mandarin for Adults’. The flashcards are built in Anki and are posted on the AnkiWeb site. You need to download the Anki program to your desktop computer or mobile. Go to Download/Shared Deck and search for ‘langara’ and they will show up as ‘Langara lesson #’. I used the MDGB

Xin nian kuaile

花開 富貴 竹報 平安 Huākāi fùgùi. Zhúbào píng ān This is the Year of the Dragon. Mandarin learning sites Here are some of my favourites: This is a good word dictionary and can be synced with Skritter.

Dreaming in Chinese

Dreaming in Chinese, Mandarin lessons in life, love and language. Deborah Fallows, 2010 Reviewed by Graham Mulligan   Deborah Fallows is a linguist married to a journalist, James Fallows. They have lived in Shanghai and Beijing and struggled to learn some Mandarin. This is her collection of fourteen useful, commonly-heard words or phrases and some cultural tales that they inspired her to relate.