An Odyssey; A Father, A Son, and An Epic

An Odyssey; A Father, A Son, and An Epic Daniel Mendelsohn  I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Mendelsohn is a College teacher and in the book he is about to begin teaching an undergraduate seminar on The Odyssey when he decides to invite his father to audit the course as an attempt to connect with him. Mendelsohn has come out as a homosexual and hopes to reach through the wall that

Shock of Gray

Shock of Gray, Ted C. Fishman, Scribner, 2010 Reviewed by Graham Mulligan   The subtitle to this book describes the broad themes as: ‘The aging of the world’s population and how it pits young against old, child against parent, worker against boss, company against rival, and nation against nation”. The world’s population is getting older and as it does it is bringing new challenges for all societies. Fishman warns, “the