River Town

River Town – Two Years on the Yantze by Peter Hessler (2001) Reviewed by Graham Mulligan I left a copy of this book in the apartment in Xiamen for teachers to read. The book is about the author’s 2-year stay in Fuling, Sichuan Province, in 1996-98, as part of a Peace Corps project to teach English and American literature to prospective teachers at the local Normal School. Hessler’s book is

Fast Boat to China

Fast Boat to China: Lessons from Shanghai; Corporate Flight and the Consequences of Free Trade; Andrew Ross; Random House, 2006   Reviewed by Graham Mulligan   This book examines the history and the consequences of corporate free-trade (globalization) with a moral imperative. What are the responsibilities of governments, West or East, for wealth distribution and environmental stewardship? The free-trade story is generally well known from the early 1990’s beginning with