Trip of the Tongue, Cross-country Travels In Search of America’s Languages

Trip of the Tongue, Cross-country Travels In Search of America’s Languages; Elizabeth Little; Bloomsbury, 2012   Little is an obvious fan of language study. This book traces her search for languages (in the US) that are disappearing or at least are in danger, in the face of the predominance of English. It isn’t an academic study and it isn’t as broad-based as the title might suggest, however it is an

Country Driving

Country Driving, A Journey Through China from Farm to Factory, Peter Hessler, Harper Collins, 2010   Reviewed by Graham Mulligan   This is a book inspired by solitude and yearning. After leaving the Peace Corps (Rivertown) and moving to Beijing as a journalist (New Yorker and National Geographic) the author gets his Chinese driver’s license and starts a road-trip. The route is defined by its proximity to an icon of

China in the 21st Century

China in the 21st Century, What Everyone Needs to Know Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom, Oxford Univ. Press, 2010   Reviewed by Graham Mulligan     Part 1            Historical Legacies   Schools of Thought Imperial China Revolutions and Revolutionaries   Part 2 The Present and the Future   From Mao to Now U.S.-China Misunderstandings The Future   This is a short  book, 135 pages, with brief sections titled ‘Who was Confucious?’, ‘Why