China 2.0

China 2.0   Reviewed by Graham Mulligan   Marina Yue Zhang with Bruce Stemming, Wiley, 2010   The opening chapter builds on the metaphor of ‘Internet 2.0’ as a way of understanding the new China. Just as Internet 1.0 was ‘read only’ and shifted to ‘interactive and participatory’ as Internet 2.0, so China has gone from one phase to something much more interactive. The authors develop the argument that Western

Fast Boat to China

Fast Boat to China: Lessons from Shanghai; Corporate Flight and the Consequences of Free Trade; Andrew Ross; Random House, 2006   Reviewed by Graham Mulligan   This book examines the history and the consequences of corporate free-trade (globalization) with a moral imperative. What are the responsibilities of governments, West or East, for wealth distribution and environmental stewardship? The free-trade story is generally well known from the early 1990’s beginning with