Canada and Conflict

Canada and Conflict; A hard-hitting look at Canadian security, post 9-11, from the Afghanistan war to US relations and Arctic sovereignty; Patrick James, Oxford, 2012 I picked this book up because of the reference to ‘Arctic sovereignty’ in the sub-title. I recently read the account of Arctic adventurer, Cameron Dueck (The New Northwest Passage, A Voyage to the Front Line of Climate Change;, and I was curious about the

The Tower of Babble; Sins, Secrets and Successes Inside the CBC

The Tower of Bable; Sins, Secrets and Successes inside the CBC. Richard Stursberg, Douglas and McIntyre, 2012. Stursberg was Head of English Services at CBC from early 2004 to the end of 2010. He claims to have ‘saved’ the CBC by focusing on one thing – audience. His credentials in journalism go back to his father, Peter Stursberg, who reported in the 1950’s and earlier, during the latter part of

The Golden Cage

The Golden Cage, Three Brothers, Three Choices, One Destiny Shirin Ebadi, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kales Press, 2011 Reviewed by Graham Mulligan Shirin Ebadi promised her childhood friend, Pari, that she would tell the story of her family’s great tragedy and the three brothers who lived and died under Iran’s Islamic Revolution. Each brother chooses a different path, one loyal to the old Shah, one loyal to the fundamentalist revolution

River Town

River Town – Two Years on the Yantze by Peter Hessler (2001) Reviewed by Graham Mulligan I left a copy of this book in the apartment in Xiamen for teachers to read. The book is about the author’s 2-year stay in Fuling, Sichuan Province, in 1996-98, as part of a Peace Corps project to teach English and American literature to prospective teachers at the local Normal School. Hessler’s book is

Fast Boat to China

Fast Boat to China: Lessons from Shanghai; Corporate Flight and the Consequences of Free Trade; Andrew Ross; Random House, 2006   Reviewed by Graham Mulligan   This book examines the history and the consequences of corporate free-trade (globalization) with a moral imperative. What are the responsibilities of governments, West or East, for wealth distribution and environmental stewardship? The free-trade story is generally well known from the early 1990’s beginning with