Climate Wars

Gwynne Dyer, Random House, 2008


Reviewed by Graham Mulligan


Gwynne Dyer’s projections of geopolitical scenarios set in the near future under the effects of disastrous climate change are scary reading. Increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere plus an average increase in global warming above 2 degrees Celsius will combine with numerous negative consequences for human society.


Current CO2 level is 380 ppm (parts per million) – Kyoto (1988) (1997)

EU (European Union) ‘never exceed’ limit is 450 ppm


Dyer travelled the globe to interview a variety of sources to discover the military plans of different nations in the face of this global threat. His hunch was correct. All the big military establishments have plans ready. Rising sea levels, food shortages and population stress will lead to instability and possible wars as nations compete to survive in a changed world.


You can see Dyer’s address to the BC Hydro Forum here:


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